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DiamonanZa – The Most Enjoyable Alternative to Real Diamonds

Posted on: June 23, 2009



DiamonanZa was created as a live expression of the love for the art of jewelry.

Twenty years ago the craft of jewelers was appreciated mostly by a segment of population who afforded to spend in style considering investment in precious metals and stones a way of making a social statement.

From its very birth DiamonanZa  had as target the metamorphoses of gemstones in order to achieve the fulfillment of an impossible dream of opening the doors of jewelry art to anyone.

The tradition of jewelry created by DiamonanZa brought in the world of fashion and accessories the artificial gemstones mounted in precious metal and transformed in works of art.

The line of DiamonanZa jewels was born from the passion of making the class jewels available to the general public.

The pieces created in this tradition extend on a wide range of classy but stylish masterpieces designed to fit the dream of any passionate jewelry collector.

Here at  a perfect gift for an anniversary is easy to find when searching a unique piece whether in question is a clear artificial diamond or a lab created sapphire trapped inside a yellow or white gold work of art.

An impressive history and tradition in jewelry making makes DiamonanZa the perfect place to make a wish come true and a lot more than an ordinary online jewelry shop.1


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