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The green light of the Emerald.

Posted on: July 8, 2009













Consider a new day in which you are starting a new part of your life with someone you love. Maybe life doesn’t allow us to become the best we can be in a relationship but it sure gives us the chance to enter a world of light by sharing our thought and drawing them up without words. Emeralds are the stones of new beginnings. From the ancient times they are considered to be the mark of the magi, the stones of the mystique but also the jewels of the princes and princesses. They green light is a mark of joy and positive energy. You can wear emerald when you are thinking about the choices you make and the steps you take on the way. The emerald is the way of expressing confidence in your actions and the power of choice in your decision.  creates emerald jewels for those in love with the emeralds and their spectacular confidence. The  Diamonanza  jewels are made of gold and all of them benefit from fashionable design that underlines the beauty of the green gemstones. The emeralds reveal their beauty in this beautiful creation and become the perfection in the jewelry creation.VRD160-2


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