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Diamonds of the day

Posted on: July 12, 2009



When people are looking for a certain occasion to make a grand gesture something drives them to this gesture, maybe a special occasion , maybe a certain moment in their life or just maybe they feel it is the right time to do this step.

Many people don’t wait years to bring home to their dear ones a special piece of jewelry.

For example, a dear friend of mine felt that her daughter deserved a special gift for graduating head of her class.

She knew that the little lady had a passion for blue stones and wanted very much a pair of sapphire earrings.

It happen that on the online shop was offering a gift certificate  so you can imagine how my friend didn’t get a second thought to whether or not she should buy the earrings.

She told me the next day that her daughter was very impressed and she as a mom was very happy that with a small investment offered her child a precious and very lady like gift.

To my pleasant surprise I saw  the next week a post on her blog  saying that Diamonanza is an affordable jewelry shop and treats its clients like very dear friends.

The truth of these words was a balm to our hearts as jewelry creators.

I am glad that we are bringing joys to both mothers and daughters.


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