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The purple romance of an Amethyst stone

Posted on: July 19, 2009



There is an old Latin American legend that talks about the Amethyst ston being born of the tears of a beautiful river fairy that had purple eyes.

 It is said the fairy felt in love with a young hunter that used to wash his body of the killed animal’s blood in the river that was under her patronage.

Every day the young hunter took of his tunic and dived into the clear water and every time came out cleaned and full of the energy of the water.

One day the fairy showed herself to the hunter and confessed her love for him.

They were perfect together and their love affair was the most beautiful the forest have ever seen.

But … on hunting day the young hunter was killed fighting a wild boar and his body was carried by the river at the fairy’s house.

He went mad with pain and cried so much mourning her lover that she went blind. Because she neither was immortal and could nor follow him in death she enchanted her tears into becoming beautiful purple precious stones as beautiful as the love she had for the young hunter.

This is how amethyst stones came to be.

This is only an old fairytale of the ancient tribes but the Amethyst stone tell a love story with every jewel created by DiamonanZa.


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