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The gift of gemstones

Posted on: August 2, 2009

SPQ2053-2TThe best way of enjoying the beauty of the gemstones is finding out what color and what gemstone is the best for you. Usually each person fits a certain type of jewel and the jewels you wear define your character in front of the world.

A person wearing jewels is not necessary wealthy although during centuries the jewels were the mark of rich people.

In these modern times the jewel are the way people choose to prove their style and their social attitude.

Men buy jewels out of love and sometimes…out of guilt…

Women buy jewels out of passion…Well it is true…

Women are more passionate about jewels and that is why the perfection of gemstones represents them better.

DiamonanZa creates for them the dream of perfection in jewels.

We make women feel more confident and we add the right touch of glamour to their amazing beings.


DiamonanZa is  here to bring the passion of rubies, the serenity of sapphires and the richness of emeralds to the feet of all the wonderful ladies ,all over the world.


WE cherish your dreams and that is why we create jewels out of artificial diamonds and in the mean time we respect the wonderful nature that made women so amazing.





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