Makes Sense

Creation of diamonds is a lot like life

Posted on: August 4, 2009



If I were to choose between the chance to create a jewel and write a book I would choose the first.

It is not that this is the thing I do everyday but it is just the way my heart feels when I see a perfect piece of jewelry worn by a wonderful woman and her smile mirrors into the glamour of the stone.

I watch over the world lately and I see it polished and cut like my diamonds. I see relationships going through situations harder than diamonds.

The life treats people strangely similar like I treat my gemstones. As I polish the diamonds they are becoming more beautiful, their light shines better under the rays of the sun.

People brake under the razor blade of life. They are being polished and turn into masterpieces. They are just more fragile than diamonds and they take longer to understand that they are turning into masterpieces.

Every piece of jewelry created is dedicated to the beauty of human nature and its magical way of becoming a precious diamond.




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