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Why artificial diamonds?

Posted on: August 7, 2009



Diamonds are the sign of wonder kept in rough matter and cut in shape to fit a wonderful piece of jewelry.

Every diamond has a story of its own. Artificial diamonds although considered fake by the unknowing public were created to save the costs to human life and environment.

The science has developed the process using the same principals nature used to turn carbon into stone but in same time brought as result flawless stones.

The modern jewelry adopted artificial diamonds out of respect for environment and even more for the significant price reduction that came after eliminating the exploitation costs.

It is just that simple. Without being less valuable or less beautiful the artificial diamonds are les pricy . That is how a diamond solitaire , perfect for an engagement ring is as little as $45.

The point of this jewelry industry is to make the quality jewelry accessible to everybody. That is the reason for which Diamonanza was created.


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