Makes Sense

A marriage proposal…a dream or something real

Posted on: February 3, 2010

It was a rainy spring night when he was turning back home from a night with his best friends. The beer inside his stomach was making him feel heavy, though he was jagged and smiling happily while walking on the wet pavements.

Tequila, his dog, greeted him with a huge wet lick and cheers gestures. He remembered the time he found Tequila on the street all alone- just like the way he was 2 years ago. After his vaccinations and a good bath, Tequila started to stay at his home as his new comrade. He smiled and thought how luck did Tequila bring to his life just after he found him. The day after, in the veterinary, he saw his soul-mate, Julia, working as a veterinarian at the facility he brought Tequila in.

They were now together for 2 years and he was feeling it was the time to be with her for the rest of his life, but still, so nervous about how to propose. His friends told him to create something extraordinary, but he had nothing on his mind except that silly smile when he thinks about her.

As days were passing by, he knew he wants to be with her always, however he didn’t know how to make the first step. Julia was coming back from a small vacation to her family tomorrow and he thought that would be the perfect time to propose to her. While he was wandering around the house, he suddenly stopped in front of the mirror, smiled. He has decided.

Julia, tired from jetlag, came to her apartment when she found the door open and Tequila was lying I front of the door. She slowly opened the door, saw that there are thousands of pictures of her boyfriend’s mouth smiling, laughing hung everywhere. She crazily wandered around the house, laughing with tears when she found a small note: ‘That’s what it is going to be when we will be together forever: only laughter and happiness. Will you marry me?’

After this lovely proposal, he appeared in the door with a ring on his hand. Without saying anything, he put the ring on her finger. As they were looking into each other’s eyes, they felt nothing but pure happiness.


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