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Ruby jewels, passion in red crystal

Posted on: February 10, 2010

When seeing a beautiful lady in a luxurious party wearing a ruby, it is occasionally thought that ruby is a rare and expensive stone. Then its attraction comes into minds and with the stone’s passionate color, the woman wearing it shines more and more throughout the night.

Thinking that ruby is an expensive and rare stone is right. However, this value comes from the other side of the world and passed through various implementations to make it even more valuable and bright.

The process of adoring ruby became in a small town of Mong Hsu. Then ruby is discovered in Northern Pakistan, Tadzhikistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, etc.  the geographical differences give the ruby differentiated colors and sharpness. However, the color of red never changes.

Because of the ruby is not used mostly with transparent color but in color red, it needs special attention what to wear while wearing a ruby on the neck, ear, finger or elbow. For a big piece of ruby worn as a necklace, a low-necked dress might look good.


Also, ruby has a passionate attraction with its color, so the dress can be simple cut and simply colored. For instance, a black low-necked simply cut long dress can be brightened by a ruby necklace or ruby earrings.

It is also important not to wear too many rubies in order not to become the disco ball of the night. Long, curved earrings with a proper gem ring might suit well together. A ruby necklace with or without a bracelet can be a different variation.


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