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What should a diamond look like to suit a wedding ring?

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Once a Hollywood diva Zsa Zsa Gabor said -“I never hated a man enough to turn back his diamonds”.

And every woman knows that diamonds are destiny. Especially those engraved on the best day in a woman`s life, the wedding.

Jewelry companies offer many opportunities, but among the most common wedding rings are those with soft rounded shape.

Usually used for diamond wedding rings are the diamonds from the type flawless, which best fit the hand of the bride.

But there are some specific techniques for  that is designed to fit the wedding ring.

The articfial diamonds bear the same beauty and the same style. That is why they are very similar with their more expensive relatives.

The first appearance and most often favored by Hollywood stars is the princess cut diamond, placed on the ring with so called invisible setting techniques.

It is used for engagement rings, if you want bigger look of your wedding diamond. The other most common choice for diamond engagement ring settings are stunning round, brilliant cut center diamond, set on the ring with typical bezel settings, which allow security of the diamond and its purchased mostly by people with vigorous life style. It is proved, that the best diamonds for wedding rings according to the most glamorous designers are diamonds that have a D designation.

Those are the best for colorless diamonds and fits perfect every wedding set. Of course now days every woman, who loves the playful brilliance of precious stones will choose a larger diamond wedding ring. Most women choose a close to 3 carat diamonds. Lately in vogue are expensive colored diamonds. Those who suits best on the ring are pink and yellow diamonds, cut in pear shape.

There is another category diamonds, which suits perfect the wedding ring. These are the loose oval shape diamonds type F. Do not forget most important for the choice of diamonds is the metal of your ring. The one that matches almost every diamond is platinum.


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