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The definition of a bracelet

Posted on: March 10, 2010

When designing a bracelet the jeweler considers the style, the stone and most of all the purpose. A certain type of bracelet can make the wrist of a person stand out and look amazing, still so many bracelets in the world are taking out of the picture just because they seem anonymous and lack that certain personality that makes them worthy to be bought.

A bracelet must say something, it must be creative, distinct, and truly self absorbed, delightfully smart and perfectly fit for the wrist it is worn on.

The bracelet’s substance goes beyond the design, focuses on the way light reflects on it , gets the right choice expressed in the selection of gemstones and lineage, becoming the right way of saying “I am an elegant , fashionable person”.

  When choosing a bracelet one must focus on the purpose of the action. If the bracelet should be worn by a lady’s hand the age factor, outfit factor, elegance factor and gift factor should all be considered.

Take a careful look at the lady’s eyes before you do it…You might be surprised how clearly this bracelet is mirrored into them.



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