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Perfect earrings for the right occasion

Posted on: March 16, 2010


A pair of earrings is usually chosen by the person that is about to wear them or by someone who really knows the preference of the future earrings owner.

When doing that, the one choosing the right pair of earrings involves the sweetest decision making.

Think about where the earrings will be worn, what kind of outfit will they match, if they require a casual or a formal occasion.

Being the piece of jewelry so very easy to accommodate many tastes, the earrings are turning easily into the most perfect way of accommodating the urgent need to make an anniversary gift.


Still it is good to know that not every earring type fits every woman and some basic rules must be followed so the earrings will become a perfect accessory instead of just another gift she cannot use.

Long hair ladies can wear almost every type of earrings, no matter if they wear their hair down or they approach a complicated or elaborated hairstyle.

The short haired ladies look good wearing hoop earrings or stud earrings and the medium length hairstyles can easily fit drop earrings.

Blondes and redheads look wonderfully wearing colored stones while, brunettes look perfect with pearls and diamonds on their ear lobes.


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