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Another definition of a solitaire ring

Posted on: March 24, 2010

A solitaire ring is a piece of jewelry everybody like and very few dear to wear. The common knowledge associate it with a ring bearing a diamond stone of various size most of the time this being the only ornament of the ring.

The traditional solitaires are made from gold silver or platinum and the style is defined as caging a square, round, oval or stellar stone in four to six points exquisitely increasing the stones beauty by the way it makes the light reflect into its “face”.


The solitaire ring develops a certain elegance by the stone position and also creates the impression that the hand wearing it has long piano player fingers…offering a certain posh to the hands movement and giving the hand a certain personality.

A solitaire ring is usually made special by the stone’s design and craftmenship.

A special stone cornered by a delightful, elegant way of creating the perfect ring design can transform a solitaire ring into a unique piece of jewelry able to reflect the exact personality of the person who wears it.


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