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Amethyst and note it gives to the jewelry wearing it

Posted on: March 31, 2010

The Amethyst stone retains all the majestic energy of the royal purple silk and with it all the outstanding presence of the purple light.

The Amethyst stone is able to direct the amazing way of understanding and seeing perfection beyond every bit of wonderful detail the jewelry has.

A Amethyst ring can be perfectly suited for a royal ring but can also carry the light of the party. The amethyst earrings can turn the true beauty and light into the most elegant form complimenting a royal hairstyle but also a modern spirit.

An amethyst pendant can become the personality ornament for the neck line of a couture dress but also the piece de resistance of a turtle neck black top.

When you have such a versatile stone ,it is only natural you will combine it with the most beautifully cut round diamonds and wrapping them together into a wonderful piece of art you will be able to capture the enchantment of the magician stone into a true manifestation of jewelry art.


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