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Why did traditional crafts become interested in artificial diamonds?

Posted on: April 7, 2010

As surprising as it may seem quality jewelry work can be found in the most peculiar places.

In countries like Turkey and India where the jewelry tradition has become over the ages something so natural that every new design that appeared there was rapidly converted by the occidental world, the manufacture of the most elegant precious metal designs became something extremely easy to handle and brand.

The purpose of converting the jewelry art into accepting that true beauty can result from the effort of manipulating sources of elegance that can be found inside the simulated diamonds.

The common concept that the beauty is value has never been more accurately illustrated than by the amazing jewelry created from simulated diamonds.


The simulated diamonds have offered the possibility of developing a new type of jewelry, more open to the fashion interpretation and more accurately designed to fit everything in the market.

When the design was considered the most accurate interpretation has created and introduces to the market the right choices and the right way of recognizing the beauty of the design and the special creativity of everything related to it.

The artificial diamonds became this way the illustration of the jewelry art and so much more than people might consider them.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… The beauty is still beauty no matter under what form you find it.


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