Makes Sense


Posted on: April 28, 2010


In order to be luxurious and elegant, most women would like to have gemstones. Various kinds of gem stones which enrich necks, fingers and wrists are women’s best friends for centuries. However, because of its trade and transportation problems, gem stones are present in the market that can only be reached by chubby purses. Therefore, for the jewel passionate the artificial gemstones are a solution.

Labeling the word ‘imitation’ to artificial gem stones is not realistic notion. Ruby, sapphire and emeralds are produced in laboratories which have the same physical and chemical properties. Also all size of synthetic diamonds are being produced in large quantities of industrial abrasives. Colored artificial gems which include ruby and sapphire, because they are more often, have a frankly lower price than the real gemstones but share the same beauty and sparkling appearance.

Nowadays, nobody is afraid of wearing a synthetic gemstone. Fashion leaders create their own fine jewelry series with artificial gem stones and that is why Diamond essence is eager to offer the best in what fashion dictates in jewelry.

Due to economical crisis, artificial gem stones which are realistic because of their colors and appearances bring a wonderful opportunity of owing a beautiful piece of jewelry that could make anybody proud.

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