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Why are diamonds the image of perfection?

Posted on: May 12, 2010


Now this is a question for which every single woman would have a very different answer.

Why is that? Well…simply because like every type of jewelry, every woman is unique.

The women see in diamonds that part of them that gives them strength to move forward to endure and walk the so many paths of life and in the end surface all the troubles shinning and amazing like the diamonds do.

The true value of jewelry should be seen and perceived like the true value and beauty of everything that is feminine. The gemstones are made to create the mirror of feminine charm and also turn the majestic impression into something tangible able to mold onto that something unique that defines every woman.


When artificial diamonds stepped into the world of jewelry, nobody really thought that women will be satisfied with something not coming from the ground.

Still, the true value of the female spirit took a breath and understood that beauty in any form comes with the price of understanding and, as any woman has to be polished by life to become the perfect image of femininity , every stone needs to be crafted too to meet the same purpose.

The bottom line is : “ a rose by any name still smells as sweet”


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