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How do you know which jewel is for you?

Posted on: June 3, 2010

The mystery behind a jewel design in not something anyone can decipher. The design is mainly created keeping in mind who is going to wear the piece and that is why some pieces no matter how amazing or spectacular are hard to match with some people no matter how much those people like them.

Of course that everybody can wear a piece of jewelry, and of course that piece of jewelry can be elegant and exquisite enough to compliment any possible figure or style.

But many people are unaware of how much can a jewel impress if worn by a certain person.


For example an outstanding pendant can look perfect at the neck of a tall person while a small pendant can look amazing worn by a mignon one.

The colored stones compliment any type of hair but when they are part of earrings the color of the eyes must be taken under consideration.

A large ring is fitted on a hand with long elegant fingers, and if you feel the need to paint your nails you should know that the color must match the one of the ring or it must be neutral, otherwise the ring will be eclipsed.


The main point is that when picking a jewelry, one should keep in mind how and where is going to wear it so it will make the most of its unique beauty.


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