Makes Sense

The jewels and how they play with your feelings.

Posted on: June 30, 2010

Many times when we take a look inside our jewelry case we tend to pick a certain piece in spite of the fact that one other may fit better the outfit we wear. Did it happen to do not want to wear your otherwise favorite necklace especially because you did not feel like it? Well many people find themselves in the exact same position not knowing exactly why this thing happens.

The answer lies in the powerful connection we have with our precious jewel. For example, a certain pendant does not necessarily have to be extremely beautiful or extremely pricy for you to always want it at your neck.

The explanation lies in the message the jewels send to your intellect and exactly that message is what fascinates you about it.

Diamond rings are associated with true love, long lasting feelings, enduring relationships. Are you still wondering why is it hard to take your engagement ring off?

Ruby stones pendants express confidence and sexuality so there is no wonder you will want to wear it with a sexy dress.

Sapphire jewelry underline your sparkling intelligence. No matter how hard it is to match are you surprise to want it on when you attend and important business meeting.

Emeralds tell all about your creativity so next time you feel like showing of some cool thing you done you will be amazed to feel an attraction to that stone.


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