Makes Sense

Why the custom made jewelry?

Posted on: July 23, 2010

Diamond Essence was asked why does it like to surprise its clients with personalized designs and why does it take the time to indulge the wimp of the clients.

The answer is: because we like to.

Taking time to see the client’s vision in jewelry is certainly making us unique.

We like to see the jewels through the eyes of the client and allow the client to make his or her presence known in the jewelry they will wear.


It takes time and vision to see through people’s eyes but we developed the skill and the patience to understand exactly what our clients need so we would be able to offer them the best experience in wearing a jewelry.

Creating custom made jewel is really a delightful experience for nothing is more rewarding than to see a truly amazed client that saw coming true a beautiful jewelry dream.


Indeed the challenge is big but a true jeweler knows that nothing beats a challenge more than the right way to approach the vision behind it.


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