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Real vs simulated diamonds

Posted on: July 30, 2010

Let’s say you are used to be a diamond of a girl. Let’s say that you are used to get what you want and nothing can actually surprise you anymore.

Let’s also say for the sake of argument that wearing simulated diamonds is totally not your think and you would prefer the real think .

But how would you classify the beauty of a jewel exclusively by the quality of the stone? Can a gemstone be a jewelry by herself?

During the many years in which the jewelry evolved and conquered what is called light and evolution the journey of diamonds met so many challenges but also so many ways of expressing beauty.

Simulated diamonds were not ultimately disregarded but so many have judged them as artificial rocks with no real value.

Why is this wrong? Well… the most obvious of the reasons is the craft of jewelry that took on these artificial gems and turned them into the most amazing masterpiece.

The simulated diamonds are every bit as beautiful as the mining diamonds are. The main point is that we should not call one real and the other fake.

Each of the gems is real in its own nature.


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