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Beautiful simulated diamond pendants for the beautiful you

Posted on: October 1, 2010

Simulated diamonds give the natural stones a run for their value. They are incased in precious metals like 14 ct gold and sterling silver and it is hard to differentiate them from the real one.  You can choose from the lovely designs available or even design your pendant.


There are many lovely one carat simulated diamond pendants available in designs as varying as simple drops to beautiful horseshoes. You can choose from brilliant cut diamonds in different shapes like round, pear, heart and even hexagon. Set beautifully in white/yellow gold and sterling silver, these delicate designs are fascinating.


One of the outstanding designs is a pendant in 14k vermeil/solid gold, shaped like a star. The center piece is a brilliant cut hexagonal simulated diamond set amidst six trilliant cut stones. It is truly a unique design. You can also choose from crosses, horseshoes and other elegant designs.  Another lovely piece is in the form of a drop with three one carat diamonds in three different shapes: square, round and pear. Elegantly put together it is very pretty.

If you are looking for some color Diamond essence also offers beautiful stones in emerald, champagne, pink, sapphire, ruby, canary and lavender. Reasonably priced these pendants are now more affordable with the ongoing sale. So indulge yourself and buy as many pendants as you like.


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