Makes Sense

The Diamond essence perspective on pearls

Posted on: October 9, 2010

The pearls as a shape and size represent the most delicate proof that classic never gets old. With the new vintage air floating over the jewelry sector along with heavy patterned silver the peals stand out because their unique air of elegance and distinction.


The pearls are delicate, shinny but also spectacular as they are completely other breed of precious gems completely different as structure and visual response from the crystal shine of the simulated diamonds.

The pearls shine is rather smooth and silky for we consider pearls the velvet of the precious gems world.


We saw fit to encase the pearls in montages that would not shadow their natural beauty or delicate shine.


Having the beautiful pearls accompany a black evening gown is recreating the Audrey Hepburn myth and also the opportunity of being the lady of the event.


Pearls with their distinction are surely something else and also the beauty they carry is responsible for the air of distinction the Diamond Essence tries to bring in the design of the pearl jewelry.



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