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A ring fit for a beautiful princess

Posted on: April 12, 2011


The sapphire ring on the finger of the future princess of Great Britain has caught the eye of so many people since the engagement announcement and so many women dreamed of wearing the exact type of jewelry.

 Diamond Essence is proud to have in its portfolio as one of the best selling products for years a very similar Princess ring with a Diamond essence sapphire mounted in solid gold.

The exquisite design does not imitate the design of Kate’s ring but offers every woman the opportunity to have on her finger a beautiful piece of jewelry that would make her feel like a princess.

Why is Kate’s ring so famous? Maybe because the regretted Princess Diana was the one to make the sapphire ring famous with her delicate presence and outstanding glamour.  Kate is wearing the ring with pride and the beautiful design look amazing on her finger.

The Diamond Essence Princess Ring comes with a perfectly cut Diamond Essence sapphire but also with the lovely possibility of choosing whether the ring would be created out of solid white or yellow gold.

The high class design that made this ring a bestseller is surely amplified by the display of 14 brilliant stones, each flawlessly set around the fascinating blue of the sapphire.

Yes, the Diamond Essence Princess Ring is surely less expensive that the ring worn by the English Princess but as design and class come it’s every bit as fit to be worn by royalty.


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