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Winter Jewelry Trends 2011 – 2012

Posted on: November 18, 2011

Every season of the year comes with its own trends both in clothes and jewelry, and the wintry cold months are no exception! Since its a time to be safely tucked in warm clothes, a chunky knit and matching jewelry would compliment each other!. The trends over the past years have been around the ‘bold and bulging’ variety with a hybrid of different metals and natural materials like sterling silver and stainless steel. The winter of 2011 – 2012 breathes the same air and it’s also a time of the year to use your antique and vintage collection and complete it with the new, in a thoughtful mix! In the 60s the brooches and pins were a key component to one’s own adornment, but now the necklace has taken a prime place.

Feathered headpieces, fascinating huge hoops and chandelier earrings that go 2 – 4″ down studded with rhinestones and diamonds, are bound to be a sure kill!  Dyed leather cuffs and bold bracelets are generating much rave and the same thing happens when it comes to rings…. be it pearls, natural stones or novelty pieces! Pearls always exude glamour whether simulated or genuine, so use them to add to your ethnic and regional style this winter.


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