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5 Tips to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Posted on: January 28, 2013


As February draws near , thoughts of surprising the person you love are getting more and more crowded in your mind. This is only natural since regardless the consumerist nature of this holyday , the celebration of love is both traditional and trendy.

Who says you need to stick to Teddy Bears and harts? Valentine’s day is all about the way you feel. Feel free to share your thoughts , your joy and why not…feel free to propose.

It is true that being romantic can be considered corny but let us introduce you to a secret as old as time. All women dream of being swept of their feet, romanticize until they believe they are living a dream…all women dream of a proposal to be remembered and if you dare …make this step on Valentine’s day.

Here are 6 useful tips to help you get the courage and determination to pull this through:

  1. She will expect a romantic gesture such as a dinner, a dance , a flower bouquet. Step out of the box and do some grand gesture like a banner saying “ will u marry me ?” in the park
  2. It’s all about the ring and yes implicitly about your cash. Just consider her dream ring, whether it is a diamond or a simulated stone the craft is all that matters.
  3. Focus on her. Make her feel unique in this unique moment because you are building a memory she will forever treasure.
  4. If you cannot afford a romantic setting ( flowers, violins , fancy restaurant) a walk in the park, proposing on the bridge , going back to the place you two met to propose are always good ideas.
  5. Remember to be yourself. She might dream of a knight in shining armor but she most likely knows you. Just make the most of the occasion.

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