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The Perfect Pendant for the Perfect Woman

Posted on: February 12, 2013



With the countdown to Valentine’s Day, we …at Diamond Essence are more than pleased to offer you some realistic information regarding the choice of a certain piece of jewelry for the woman you love.

Pendants are …let’s say the safest choice to buy your loved one for such an occasion. Statistically , on an average scale at least one of 3 married women is expecting to receive a piece of jewelry on Valentine’s day so offering a pendant may prove the smart choice and budget wise for everyone.

But what kind of pendant is the perfect choice for your lady?

The truth is, the choice is not that difficult if you keep in mind 3 major features a pendant is categorized by : shape , size and stone color.


Square shaped pendants are perfect for women with a strong character , women that are smart and confident, career girls but also mother and mothers in law with a sense of class. Round shape and tear shaped designs are perfect for young fashionistas, delicate figures, romantic dispositions and long haired women. Also …rectangular and other related geometric designs are always the good idea for tall women with a well developed sense of self.


The size of the pendant is all about the body of the woman who is wearing it. The basics related to the woman’s figure apply.


Here is the tricky part. Make sure you choose something she will easily match with more than one outfit.




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