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Diamond Essence – Accessorizing Outfits with Loose Stones

Posted on: March 25, 2013


When we created the option of offering clients loose stones we mainly had in mind the option of offering the client the possibility to choose a certain shape, cut or crystalline structure to be incased in a certain jewelry design.

However , the recent trends brought forth amazing opportunities regarding how to fit these beautiful loose stones into the trendiest outfits of this spring and summer.

A beautiful evening gown will surely catch the eye of the audience if it would wear beautiful round shaped Diamond Essence Diamond stones around its cleavage. Accessorizing a dress this way can make the dress design not only precious but also immortal in the minds of those who see it.

Hair jewelry is surely extremely trendy this year. So if you plan to go for a 50’s look and wear a lacy hairpiece with feathers keep in my to bejewel the item with a beautiful pear shaped Diamond Essence stone. The glamour of the hair piece will be enhanced and you will sparkle even more because of the beautiful stone.

Last but not the least , keep in mind that loose stones can be customized to fit anything from bracelets to earrings and pendants. Still if you are planning to wear some offbeat jewelry you should definitely consider a large size of square or rectangular cut loose Diamond Essence Diamonds. Such a stone will offer a special type of personality to your jewelry design.


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