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Sterling Silver Story

Posted on: April 10, 2013


SBD019S-2So many people believe that a truly beautiful jewelry is perfect only if it’s made out of gold.

However , the fashion and the social trends have both proven this theory wrong. Sterling silver has become popular due to its surprising 3 qualities which make it perfect for jewelry designs.

Easy to match with colored stones

The versatile structure of the silver color makes it suitable to match all nuances the precious and semi-precious gems come into. The sterling silver compliments their crystalline structure making them shine brighter.

Easy to match with any outfit

The sterling silver jewelry has the privilege of matching perfectly any kind of dress code you care to follow. Offbeat, classic, office style or clubbing outfit…are all perfectly matched by sterling silver.

Affordable, smart and enduring

Yes, sterling silver is cheaper than gold. However the affordability does not take anything from its beauty. It can be combined with any stone, looks delicate in chain structure and makes tennis bracelets the ideal female accessory.

Lats but not the least, we, at Diamond Essence make sure that we create durable, lovely designed and forever shining sterling silver jewelry. It’s our way of saying how much we appreciate this metal.


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