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Mother’s Day Offer from Diamond Essence – Tips on What to Choose

Posted on: April 19, 2013

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We surely know how much we owe to our mothers. This is why, the same as every year, we, at Diamond Essence come forth with an amazing discount to help all those who want to do something special for their mothers.

The entire collection is available with 15% discount on every item so you can be sure you can buy anything you want for your beloved mother at a special holyday discount.

Some tips on what to choose:

Sporty mother

Stud earrings are perfect as a gift for this type of mothers. She can wear them when she goes for a jog but also when she goes out for a cup of coffee with her friends.

Elegant and stylish mother

A string of pearls or a chain with a ruby pendant are perfect for her.Such jewelry can be matched with a business suit but also with a cocktail dress. She can wear them at special events but also she can match them to most of her stylish outfits.

Stay at home mother

Consider buying her a lovely Diamond Essence tennis bracelet or a delicate pendant she can wear everyday. Of course you can get her something spectacular she could match to a evening gown but you should have in mind what she would like to have.





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