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How to Find the best Prom Jewelry?

Posted on: May 19, 2013


The prom is surely the best occasion for a young girl to shine especially if in discussion is the senior prom. For many young ladies looking glamorous at this first major festive event in their public life is crucial so it goes without saying that it is their chance to sparkle.

So let’s see how to choose the best prom jewelry.

In the words of Stella Crowney, 18 years old , who will have her senior prom in several weeks, the prom dress is nothing id it is not accessorized properly. She will wear a black mermaid gown and she would very much like a necklace with sapphires and Diamond Essence diamonds assorted with a pair of matching stud earrings to compliment her outfit.

Clara Thomas Jenton also 18 will choose an empire gown , white and purple by Mike Jacobs. She wants to make the dress stand out so she wants a piece of jewelry for her hairstyle. We recommended a  statement broche with amethyst and Diamond Essence diamonds we have custom made for her.

It is a fact that it all about your outfit choice but keep in mind that diamonds are the easiest thing to match and colored stones need to be allowed to shine in case you choose them.



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