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Tips on How to Fit a Ring to Your Type of Finger

Posted on: July 28, 2013


When you buy a ring for yourself most likely are tempted to pick whatever you like or feels tempting enough to wear.

However appealing a certain design would be always remember that for the ring to look as amazing as it looks in a picture or in the store, it must fit a certain type of hand and finger.

For example, a solitaire ring with a large stone will look it’s best on a medium size hand and on the ring finger, while a multiple stone eternity band will fit the index finger and ring finger of a delicate bone structure hand.

In case you are a plus size stay away from wearing chunky jewelry on your hands. The size of stones will not matter in this case and the design will only emphasize your weight.

In case you are fond of wearing more than one ring on a finger keep in mind that only one of them can have a stone. This way you will prevent the bulging effect that is anything but elegant.

When looking for a ring to add to your jewelry collection make sure your choice is related to the type of wardrobe you have.

For example, in case your clothes are all casual a superb large rock will not integrate in the picture

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