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The 2013 Trends for Engagement Rings

Posted on: August 26, 2013


Long gone are the days when a simple rock slapped on her finger made her say yes. The 2013 men looking to propose should be aware that the ladies have quite some expectations this year.

So if you plan to surprise her with a lovely ring consider the trends of 2013 to have an idea whjat to look for.

Emerald cut

The Emerald cut diamonds are surely something to look at, the perfect structure is fitted for ladies with long hands, passionate about long manicure. Such a cut will always stand out and she will wear it as a single hand accessory.

Cushion cut

Elegant square shape is extremely trendy this year. A softer bone structure and delicate fingers are the perfect fit for this ring trend.

Double halo

This special stone setting can change the whole image a ring has on somebody’s finger. The stone setting makes the ring look larger and the center stone bigger.

The Bypass style

The combination between a solitaire and a wedding ring is extremely trendy. The architecture of such a ring is both versatile and easy to mold on any woman’s dream. Consider the amazing sets offered by Diamond Essence wedding collection, because we did everything to match them with the actual trends.

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