Makes Sense

Why New Designs?

Posted on: November 9, 2013


Most people say that classic jewelry never goes out of style and this is very true. In spite of so many occasions in which we tend to wear the same things over and over again so many of us crave for something new.

We were asked several times why don’t we offer something special when we introduce a new collection of jewelry…like a discount , free shipping, stuff like that.

Well…we are doing it!

Free shipping for all new arrivals, just because it’s fall time and all of us feel a bit romantic.

What you guys should know about our choice of new arrivals is that we focused on offering trendy but rather classic looking items.

We went for intricate design of the metal incasing but also fabulous cut for classic stones and interesting combinations of design and gems to make the eye of the beholder notice it to the tiniest details.

A very interesting fact about the new arrivals is that we focused the range of price so it will be affordable for those looking for an investment but in the same time to allow those of a …not so big budget the opportunity to offer a lovely gifts to their loved ones …and why not….propose to the ones they love.


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