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3 Reasons to Wear Diamonds in Winter

Posted on: November 23, 2013



“ I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” … Are you feeling the holidays mood install in your hearts as the voice of Bill Cosby smoothly takes you to the a dream of snow and bell ringing?

Beautiful diamonds are all about making winter time more special and more close to the heart. This is why, here are the 3 main reasons why diamonds are the perfect jewelry choice during winter.

They shine

Winter is all about glitter. Holidays are nothing without something sparkling to wear and diamonds make you feel festive enough to enjoy this time of the year in style.

They look better on anything

Don’t think jeans and diamonds…but if you do keep in mind to also wear high heels to upscale the outfit even further. You can combine a lace blouse , skinny jeans , high pointy pumps and Diamond essence studs if you plan to look awesome at a college party.

The can make any dress look pretty

That is very true. Any dress, however plain can shine in the presence of diamond accessories. The little black dress can be outstanding if you wear a diamond pendant and an open back dress can be tamed with a pair of diamond chandelier earrings.



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