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Violet Tulip, Radiant Orchids and Amethysts

Posted on: January 7, 2014


Pantone is usually the main authority for color trends and in 2014 it brought forth 2 amazing shades of purple. If you are into this color you will be glad to choose between “ Violet Tulip” – a dark more spoken out shade and “ Radiant Orchids” a softer pinkish hue.

As for jewelry, amethysts can become part of these trends. If you think that the amethysts are nothing like the two shades you would be wrong. The multiple shades of simulated stones can change the whole perspective on what purple hue can an amethyst be.

Discreet crystalline structures borrow the matching shades so in case you wear a  violet tulip dress and wear a Diamond Essence Amethyst pendant, you will see how the close to the trend the jewelry will be.

Violent is considered a positive energy creator this spring. This being said focus on combining amethysts with simply cut outfits to allow the free spirited creator in you surface and lead you to a very positive result.

Also, leaving aside the spiritual side of the amethysts, keep in mind that violet stones are able to capture the eye of the beholder. A beautiful pair of amethyst earrings will surely get you noticed during an interview so consider the Diamond Essence  Amethyst Jewelry Collection for a trendy and fashion conscious look.


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