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3 Ideas to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Posted on: February 2, 2014


If you think that proposing on Valentine’s Day is a bit too cliché you can always come up with something original. There are many other interesting ways to propose than a plain romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. If champagne and violins are not your thing you can always try one of these offbeat but equally effective ideas for an unforgettably romantic proposal.

Flash Mob Proposal

You can also call for a flash mob using Facebook. Twitter or Instagram. Ask people to join you in the town square and choose an awesome song they can dance to…when the dance is done you can pop up with a ring and propose.

Deliver a surprise dessert

She might not have time for a fancy dinner…sometime people have to work extremely late. In case you don’t want to miss this romantic day simply arrange a delivery service to send her a box of cupcakes with the a proposal note inside. Make sure you arrive at the office by the time the delivery is made and offer her the ring.


If she is an internet video geek you can make a proposal video and upload it on Youtube. Simply send the video link to her mailbox and add a message the type “ You’ve got to see THIS!!!”. You can imagine the rest….

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