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Important Things to Consider about a Summer Wedding

Posted on: April 29, 2014

When it comes down to summer all future brides know that they have to deal with 3 major potential very annoying facts.


Lack of venues – yes there is such a thing during summer- makes the summer weddings extremely difficult to plan in the actual year they take place. Most couples have to reserve the venue one year before the actual , which makes Vegas the only place you can actually get married into while in a hurry.

Weather vs. indoor or outdoor

Indoor weddings are ideal for the other seasons but during summer the air conditioning is a must for such a location. However likely one would think air conditioning is , not all weddings take place in a big  city, not all brides are married inside a majestic cathedral and small towns happen not to have a venue that will hold all the relatives and keep the climate cool enough for people to enjoy the event.

On the other hand the outdoor locations are easier to find outside the big cities. The only issue remains, taking precautions against a possible rainy summer day.


All brides want to shine during a wedding and during summer this may prove to be a bit difficult to achieve.

Delicate jewelry the likes of a cute little pendant , small but shinny earrings to match a lovely updo , and a classy bracelet all in white gold and Diamond Essence diamonds can be the ideal choice for a summer wedding. This combination of jewelry can add some extra glamour to an airy lacy summer wedding gown and match both a princess cut dress or a boho- chic flower power wedding dress.



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