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Matching a Pendant with Your Type of Cleavage

Posted on: June 2, 2014


In many cases a pendant can change an outfit completely but in equally many occasions the wrong pendant can make you look too flashy, too exposed …too sexy for certain occasions.

With summer drawing near and the many occasions it brings for  looking beautiful  there is an infinity of choices one could go for while considering the right pendant.  Considering the fact that summer offers the chance to show off tanned glowing skin matching a beautiful pendant with your particular figure is the ideal option too look summery elegant with the right amount of sexy to conquer hearts.

The main purpose of a pendant is to underline your cleavage. An open work blouse will let a fair amount of skin show. This is why you should combine such a design with a small ,delicate Diamond Essence pendant  to not overdo the sexy finish.

In case you choose a tank top with lace insertions you should wear a pendant in a contrasting color. Consider how open is the cleavage and make sure the chain will not go lover that mid-section of the showing area of your skin.

A smaller bust can be complimented by a large more elaborate pendant design. Such a pendant can also be chosen for a date night or an anniversary gift. The main thing to keep in mind is to match whatever design you choose with your figure.


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