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Prom Jewelry Trends 2014

Posted on: June 15, 2014



The junior and senior proms are a huge event every year and 2014 is no different.

This is the occasion for the young girls to step onto the scene and become princesses for a night. They say the prom is all about the dress but most of the girls should know that the dress is nothing without the proper jewelry.

An elegant princess style dress must be accompanied by a stunning pearl set. Little delicate pearl earrings and a pearl pendant can offer the right amount of class.

When considering a back drop sequin dress girls consider that jewelry is no longer necessary. However true that may be, you should keep in mind that a stunning ring and a gorgeous pair of earrings can make a lot of difference for the outfit’s finish.

If you choose a mini dress with a heart shaped cleavage, you must keep in mind that a beautiful pendant with a superb rock in the center can make you look even sexier.  In case you don’t want to overdo this type of outfit , stay away from hoop earrings  and opt for something classy from the Diamond Essence Clearance collection.






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