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Him and His Jewelry This summer

Posted on: July 15, 2014


A posh looking groomed gentleman is surely the ideal man type of a lot of women. In case you plan to go lady hunting this summer keep in mind that the free spirited bohemian look is still trendy but this summer also calls for the resort inspired Hamptons look.

The bracelet

For the guys with a special confidence in their style the bracelet is the perfect jewelry solution. A strong self conscious  guy will look even more appealing as he grips a glass of whisky at the beach bar.

The chain

A groomed gentleman will most likely consider a chain . Such  jewelry can peep from under a colonial shirt or a polo T-shirt.  Keep in mind that the chain is ideal for the casual gentleman attire perfect for the tennis clubs, the beach clubs, the Hamptons or the golf course.

The Ring

A casino resort may be the exact place where wearing a ring may be the perfect choice for a man with a taste for gambling and style. Choose a classic cut ring and match it with a classic attire to catch the eye of somebody special as you step on the casino floor.



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