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Trendy Ways to Wear a Pendant in 2015

Posted on: January 8, 2015


Fashion is all about creating that special outfit for Yourself. This is why the best thing is to make the jewels the most efficient tool for accessorizing the outfits.

This year we should mostly focus in adding that specific accent that would change the entire finish of our look. Pendants can prove to be a very efficient tool and you should definitely consider them to upscale your outfits.

Small but elegant Diamond Essence pendants can be beautifully paired with a turtle neck in a vibrant color, a power suit shirt or a round collar organza blouse. Make sure you choose a stone in a contrasting color with the outfit so you will have a fashion statement result.


Most women are wondering about how to integrate a statement pendant in an everyday outfit. This year you should keep in mind that anything spectacular – pendants included – can be used to create a special result and improve the visual impact in the moments where you need to feel confident and on top of a situation.

Classic pendants , the likes of those heirloom or religious, but also those you are used to wear everyday should be worn with a V-cleavage or a top with straps. Let the pendant shine and you will obtain the admiring looks of any audience.


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