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Stud Earrings – the Ideal Bridesmaids ‘ Gift

Posted on: March 19, 2015

SED1114-2 SED1174-2

Most brides are a bit stressed by the idea of what to give their bridesmaids. It is true that anything will do since it is mostly about the gesture but when the bridesmaids are you relatives or even better your lifetime friends you will want the gift to matter.

This being said be aware the jewelry is the ideal choice for such a gift and among jewelry , stud earrings are surely the best choice possible for this occasion.

It is smart to choose a universal model, the girls will be able to wear with anything and also a  color that would match any complexion.

A good idea is to choose stud earrings in a color that would match the bridesmaid dresses. This way you will add the jewelry to the attire saving them the trouble of paying extra to accessorize.

Studs are versatile , practical, always trendy, delicate enough to fit any figure but outstanding by their simplicity.

At Diamond Essence we had several occasions when brides to be asked for a budget friendly gift idea for their bridesmaids and all of them appreciated our stylists’ advice to choose stud earrings.

The idea is to be practical but also smart and friendly and this particular type of jewelry is exactly what you need.


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