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The junior and senior proms are a huge event every year and 2014 is no different.

This is the occasion for the young girls to step onto the scene and become princesses for a night. They say the prom is all about the dress but most of the girls should know that the dress is nothing without the proper jewelry.

An elegant princess style dress must be accompanied by a stunning pearl set. Little delicate pearl earrings and a pearl pendant can offer the right amount of class.

When considering a back drop sequin dress girls consider that jewelry is no longer necessary. However true that may be, you should keep in mind that a stunning ring and a gorgeous pair of earrings can make a lot of difference for the outfit’s finish.

If you choose a mini dress with a heart shaped cleavage, you must keep in mind that a beautiful pendant with a superb rock in the center can make you look even sexier.  In case you don’t want to overdo this type of outfit , stay away from hoop earrings  and opt for something classy from the Diamond Essence Clearance collection.







In many cases a pendant can change an outfit completely but in equally many occasions the wrong pendant can make you look too flashy, too exposed …too sexy for certain occasions.

With summer drawing near and the many occasions it brings for  looking beautiful  there is an infinity of choices one could go for while considering the right pendant.  Considering the fact that summer offers the chance to show off tanned glowing skin matching a beautiful pendant with your particular figure is the ideal option too look summery elegant with the right amount of sexy to conquer hearts.

The main purpose of a pendant is to underline your cleavage. An open work blouse will let a fair amount of skin show. This is why you should combine such a design with a small ,delicate Diamond Essence pendant  to not overdo the sexy finish.

In case you choose a tank top with lace insertions you should wear a pendant in a contrasting color. Consider how open is the cleavage and make sure the chain will not go lover that mid-section of the showing area of your skin.

A smaller bust can be complimented by a large more elaborate pendant design. Such a pendant can also be chosen for a date night or an anniversary gift. The main thing to keep in mind is to match whatever design you choose with your figure.


he truth about fashionable jewelry is only one . White , transparent stones will forever be trendy  and the people choosing them can be sure they will have a stylish jewelry able to match any outfit , regardless the color.

What is Clearance?

When looking for the perfect ring or the perfect pair of earrings to match a dress of your choice you are surely looking for the right type, with the right amount of shine and structure.

The Clearance collection was born out of the need for a classic but trendy approach towards wearable yet spectacular jewelry.

Clear white stones  with a complex cut were matched with a delicate metal design and from the combination of the two were born the most versatile jewelry designs.

Diamond Essence  Diamonds

The simulated diamonds  are not only spectacular but also affordable . There are endless options for every budget and in the same time an endless number of designs to match any possible desire.

Simulated diamonds never go out of style. These are rocks of extremely high quality that will keep theit clear crystalline structure, unaltered during the years.

The ideal wedding jewelry

The Clearance collection is truly the ideal type of wedding jewelry. Every bride deserves to shine in this special day of her life. This being said a pair of dangling earrings and an elegant bracelet are the perfect choices from the this spectacular Diamond Essence collection.


When it comes down to summer all future brides know that they have to deal with 3 major potential very annoying facts.


Lack of venues – yes there is such a thing during summer- makes the summer weddings extremely difficult to plan in the actual year they take place. Most couples have to reserve the venue one year before the actual , which makes Vegas the only place you can actually get married into while in a hurry.

Weather vs. indoor or outdoor

Indoor weddings are ideal for the other seasons but during summer the air conditioning is a must for such a location. However likely one would think air conditioning is , not all weddings take place in a big  city, not all brides are married inside a majestic cathedral and small towns happen not to have a venue that will hold all the relatives and keep the climate cool enough for people to enjoy the event.

On the other hand the outdoor locations are easier to find outside the big cities. The only issue remains, taking precautions against a possible rainy summer day.


All brides want to shine during a wedding and during summer this may prove to be a bit difficult to achieve.

Delicate jewelry the likes of a cute little pendant , small but shinny earrings to match a lovely updo , and a classy bracelet all in white gold and Diamond Essence diamonds can be the ideal choice for a summer wedding. This combination of jewelry can add some extra glamour to an airy lacy summer wedding gown and match both a princess cut dress or a boho- chic flower power wedding dress.



Regardless de misconception stating that green is some kind of witchy color, spring is usually associated with the green color and its related energy.

Emerald green in particular is known for harvesting from  nature the fascinating things related to fresh stamina, fresh focusing…fresh anything.

Superb details colored in emerald green can pretty much change everything. For example an emerald colored dress can stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party. Even more an Emerald pendant can catch the eye of everybody male or female alike.

What exactly hides behind the green crystalline structure?

Well…it is rather simple. The way an emerald filters light is simply linked to that area of the brain that filters emotion. Green by essence offers a sense of fresh innovative feeling commonly associated with spring. Besides this, delicate structures of precious metal like fine craftsmanship of silver and white gold emphasize the perfect appearance of the green stone creating a direct link to that part of our spirit that is ready to take flight and enjoy the best in life.

How do you know if emeralds are for you?

Are you daring enough to try new things? Do you dream of amazing opportunities and do you have a sense of valor that helps you pull through difficult situations? Then emeralds are for you.



Like with everything else fashion, when it comes to jewelry trends the best inspiration comes from haute couture. Since 2014 couture offered quite a spectacular insight into opulent jewelry let’s see what are the main trends you should focus on while aiming for a stunning presence at a formal event.


The Italian designers chose royal style jewelry for this season. Heavy chandelier style earrings, large pendant and royal byzantine crowns were all part of the complex and artsy jewelry presented on the catwalk.

Alexandre Vauthier

Heavy chain structures, multiple chain layers of different shapes and sizes, spectacular earrings and numerous golden bracelets added to the trend of jewelry overlay present in almost every couture collection. To match the trend consider the beautiful Diamond Essence chain bracelets.

Armani Prive

You can expect nothing but the best from Armani and the jewelry featured in the Prive Collection Spring-Summer 2014 were fit for the ultimate diva look. Heavy structural earrings and bracelets are part of the Armani Prive look for couture so if you plan to wow an audience at a party you can confidently choose one of these items.

Why couture inspired jewelry?

In 2014 the concept of jewelry approaches a more opulent , statement like style. Such jewelry is meant for the strong , confident woman who sees her accessories as a beauty tool that will make her be admired.




For the brides with a taste for vintage, a boho chic, flower power inspired wedding can be the ideal choice. The posh look of free spirited decorations combined with the fresh, unconventional wedding gown and a venue in the middle of the nature are in so many ways, fuss free, unique and why not budget friendly.

Such a bride should consider small scale accessories that will match the outfit she will wear but also compliment the style.

Colored pendants

 The something blue …is no longer the only choice brides have to add color to their bridal outfits. Choose an emerald stone to match the spring, a beautiful opal to bring together the elements of the world, or simply choose a ruby to show off your love.

Spectacular earrings

A boho-chic bride will surely choose to let her hair down or lifts it in a casual, loose fitted messy updo. Choose a spectacular pair of chandelier earrings or better yet a pair of studded hoop earrings will make all the difference for her lovely inspired look.

Jewels in Your Hair

For sure you have seen Reign or heard about the TV show…Surprising enough the show creators presented a lot of boho chic inspired hairstyles. For example, Mary , Queen of Scotts wears her hair down with pearls and gold chains braided in her hairstyle while Kenna, King Henry’s mistress wears a fashionable vintage inspired chain tiara.

With spring almost here most of you ladies are considering lighter and trendier clothing , more open neckline and most likely more fashionable hairstyles.

 This being said , this is the time to know what kind of earrings match which trends , this spring.


  1. The hoops

There is a certain 90’s influence in the fashion lines of Spring 2014 and with broad shoulders, flared skirts and boxed jacket also come hoop earrings. This fabulous erring design can help you look glamorous and free spirited. Consider large , bedazzled hoops in case you are tall and slender, large and thin hoops in case you have a fuller figure and small cute hoops in case you are petite.


  1. Drop earrings

Another spectacular trend to consider is the open knits trend of this spring. For the ladies with a boho-chic style , the dangling earring design with a spectacular  gemstone attached is the perfect choice.

Consider matching the color of the stone with the color of your eyes.


  1. Designer earrings

If you are the kind of woman with a taste for ultimate trends then the designer earrings from Diamond Essence are for you. Consider the design that will better fit the color of your hair and opt for offbeat in case of a trendier style, or for classy in case of a posh looking style.

Regardless of what you choose you will look amazing.




There are so many occasions you can gift a new born but among all of these, baptism or christening is a very important occasion when, for a baby girl a jewelry gift is in order.

It is rather easy to make-up your mind when it comes to offering onesies, bibs and diaper cakes for a baby shower , but when it comes to jewelry for christening the things are not exactly simple.

There are a lot of things and details to look into and also a lot of opportunities to gift the little angel with something amazing she will treasure as she grows up.

See the parents

In case she comes from a gene pool that result into tall and big bone individuals consider offer her a a statement pendant she will wear as she comes of age. In case her mom is petite and her father is of average build consider a lovely cross pendant on a matching chain, or a  pair of golden studs she will surely wear when she grows up and wants to attend a prom.

Safe choices

When thinking about a christening jewelry gift, don’t forget that a pink stones tennis bracelet can be the ideal choice regardless the build . Also, a good idea is a small pendant with a thin chain that will match practically any type of adult the baby will grow into.





In case you are looking for the right kind of outfit and accessories for Valentine’s Day 2014 consider the latest trends in fashion but keep in mind the exact type of date you are about to have.

A night out at a restaurant

In case your significant other plans to take you out for a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant consider a red or black peplum dress with a medium length skirt. You can also choose a fitted top with a pencil or flared skirt. Flower patterns for the bottom and color blocking for the top is another perfect idea for the task. Accessorize with a pair of black pearl  earrings and a matching pendant. White Diamond Essence square cut stones are also a perfect choice.

A night out at a romantic concert

In case you plan to spend the evening outdoors choose a pair of skinny jeans and a loose fitted top, add a chunky cardigan or an oversized jacket  and let your hair down. Keep in mind that a statement pair of earrings is the right way to go for this type of layering and you can confidently choose a beautiful ring and a matching pendant to complete the look.