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Recently we heard a discussion during a jewelry convention on the topic of opals.

The spirits where rather fired up by the perspective of considering this unusual stone the same with diamonds.

The idea that stayed with us was that opals are the stones able to be the perfect match for any type of metal and also the kind of stones that would fit your regular jeans but also the posh little black dress you so treasure.

We chose to have in our collection the type of opal jewelry that would pretty much make your style a unique one when wearing them.


Our designs stick to smooth lines that offer a special kind of glow to the iridescent structure of the opals.

Opal earrings offer a glitter finish to blue eyes,  give a note of emerald to  green eyes and offer a golden note to brown and hazel eyes. Wearing opals make  a woman with dark eyes glow in special way , her eye color mirroring the same waters as the stone.

Delicate but also extremely versatile, opals are part of the stones that fit any age and also the perfect type of jewel to be offered for a wedding anniversary.

Opals offer a teenager a confident look and give a 30 something beauty the fresh air free spirited divas so regardless the age The Diamond Essence opal jewelry is ideal for any type of woman.


It is a common concept that the wedding rings like everything in life should be somehow different. This is why, his wedding ring is simpler while hers is specially designed to be more than just a simple golden band.

The tradition used to call for the marriage to be sanctified with the presence of golden bands, twin rings able to send the message to everyone that two people were bound together in holly matrimony.

With the passing of the centuries , her wedding ring became more beautiful bedazzled with precious gems, more delicately inclined towards the feminine nature while his remained the same, a golden circle stating to the world he is taken.

The funny aspect of the trend gave the women the prerogative to choose for themselves a more sophisticated piece of marital jewelry they would proudly flaunt in the eyes of their friends. This way the female wedding ring became part engagement ring, part golden band and over the years a truly amazing work of art.

Statistics say that recently there are very few women who prefer a classic wedding ring. The trends have encouraged them to feel special even when choosing the marital symbol.

In the end…what men out there would say they aren’t? 🙂

When people consider beauty they not necessarily stop to analyze the variables of the equation.

What makes a piece of jewelry more beautiful than the other? One would say the taste of the person liking it. If this is the case and the beautiful variables are actually responsible for the impression a person makes on another person, the jewels will have the tender touch of creating the image of somebody.

How many people became noticed in the light of the cameras at select parties simply because of a spectacular jewel they were wearing? How many amazing ladies became famous after being seen with a certain ring on their finger or with a certain sapphire on their seductive cleavage.

The beauty of a jewel is not given by its value but by its fascinating design, delicate glim and sensational impression it creates in the hearts of all those looking at it.

Diamond Essence considers all jewel cosmopolite. Their nobility comes out of the craft which is able to create spectacular stories out of precious metal and shinny gemstones.

In our vision the rubies talk of passionate fires consuming hearts and minds, sapphires are carrying in the world the brilliance and the fascination of creative daring spirits, emeralds are sparks of soul, clarity of thought, pure drops of Earth’s energy while the purple fire of the amethyst is meant to encourage hearts to dream of magical flows and power of logic.

If the jewelry would be the maker of kings we would surely makers of royal like figures.

The Amethyst stone retains all the majestic energy of the royal purple silk and with it all the outstanding presence of the purple light.

The Amethyst stone is able to direct the amazing way of understanding and seeing perfection beyond every bit of wonderful detail the jewelry has.

A Amethyst ring can be perfectly suited for a royal ring but can also carry the light of the party. The amethyst earrings can turn the true beauty and light into the most elegant form complimenting a royal hairstyle but also a modern spirit.

An amethyst pendant can become the personality ornament for the neck line of a couture dress but also the piece de resistance of a turtle neck black top.

When you have such a versatile stone ,it is only natural you will combine it with the most beautifully cut round diamonds and wrapping them together into a wonderful piece of art you will be able to capture the enchantment of the magician stone into a true manifestation of jewelry art.



There is an old Latin American legend that talks about the Amethyst ston being born of the tears of a beautiful river fairy that had purple eyes.

 It is said the fairy felt in love with a young hunter that used to wash his body of the killed animal’s blood in the river that was under her patronage.

Every day the young hunter took of his tunic and dived into the clear water and every time came out cleaned and full of the energy of the water.

One day the fairy showed herself to the hunter and confessed her love for him.

They were perfect together and their love affair was the most beautiful the forest have ever seen.

But … on hunting day the young hunter was killed fighting a wild boar and his body was carried by the river at the fairy’s house.

He went mad with pain and cried so much mourning her lover that she went blind. Because she neither was immortal and could nor follow him in death she enchanted her tears into becoming beautiful purple precious stones as beautiful as the love she had for the young hunter.

This is how amethyst stones came to be.

This is only an old fairytale of the ancient tribes but the Amethyst stone tell a love story with every jewel created by DiamonanZa.