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Recently we heard a discussion during a jewelry convention on the topic of opals.

The spirits where rather fired up by the perspective of considering this unusual stone the same with diamonds.

The idea that stayed with us was that opals are the stones able to be the perfect match for any type of metal and also the kind of stones that would fit your regular jeans but also the posh little black dress you so treasure.

We chose to have in our collection the type of opal jewelry that would pretty much make your style a unique one when wearing them.


Our designs stick to smooth lines that offer a special kind of glow to the iridescent structure of the opals.

Opal earrings offer a glitter finish to blue eyes,  give a note of emerald to  green eyes and offer a golden note to brown and hazel eyes. Wearing opals make  a woman with dark eyes glow in special way , her eye color mirroring the same waters as the stone.

Delicate but also extremely versatile, opals are part of the stones that fit any age and also the perfect type of jewel to be offered for a wedding anniversary.

Opals offer a teenager a confident look and give a 30 something beauty the fresh air free spirited divas so regardless the age The Diamond Essence opal jewelry is ideal for any type of woman.



Many young guys are freaked out when meeting her parents. In most cases the dads are the scariest issue and young men tend to worry about their reaction instead of smoothing the way appealing to her mom’s good graces.

Holydays are usually the moment when she tends to invite him to her place. In case the relationship is young and they have not been together long enough for the big question to pop up, it is a good idea to get her mom something nice and fit for a lady.

Jewels are the only item you can never go wrong with when gifts are concerned. It is true that many guys dread the investment but all things put aside in case you choose a pendant from Diamond Essence you have the opportunity to offer your possible future mother in law a gift to be remembered .

Also in case you are a guy with a taste for spectacular buy matching bracelets for your girl and her mother. Her mom will see the considerate gesture as a step to underline the bond she shares with her daughter.

The bottom line is that a jewelry gift can make a lot of difference when wanting to make a memorable first impression.


Hoop earrings have been around for quite a while. In case you are familiar with all things 90’s , you are surely aware of the fact that hoop earrings are associated with confident posture, big hair, high heels and miniskirts.

In spite of a rather “easy” reputation, the hoop earrings have lingered among the jewelry trends and hoops of all sizes have become part of what society’s eyes sees as sexy.


Simple small hoops

Small hoops have a certain classic look and offer the most versatile choice for a lady in a management position. Classic cut stones can embellish the hoop shape to make the finish even more elegant.

Large bedazzled hoops

A stunning one shoulder dress, the kind of dress you would wear with your hair down, is the perfect match for a spectacular pair of bedazzled hoop earrings. The sparkling of the stones will make the round shape even more eye catching and you will see how amazing you will look to everyone.

Designer hoops

The style of every woman is utterly defined by the things she considers to be fitting for her figure, hair color and background. The designer hoop earrings are surely apart of those choices any type of woman can benefit from. They are pieces of jewelry that inspire confidence, correct posture, vision and most importantly they underline the best features a woman wants noticed.


Women often forget that guys love pampering too not to mention that a strategically placed piece of jewelry can make a tremendous difference when it comes to a certain guy appearance.

This is why it comes as no surprise that jewelry is among the highest rated gifts a guy can get on his wedding anniversary.

If you are one of those wives who are not afraid their half will shine too much along their side if he wears jewelry here are a few ideas on what to get your significant other on your wedding celebration.

  1. Cufflinks

They are always practical and if your guy is into suits a pair of new dazzling cufflinks is the perfect addition to his sense of style.


  1. Rings

Regardless of what you may think giving him a ring is not inappropriate. If you don’t do do it who is fit to do it? Remember that an elegant ring is not only the marker of style but also a personal distinctive note a man likes to wear.


  1. Bracelets

Bracelets , especially the golden ones are part on the masculine jewelry showing a man is confident of himself. Many guys wear it simply because it makes them feel young but most are enjoying the privilege of a bracelet in the idea that it helps them look very close to the image of the metro-cosmopolitan- self sufficient macho.




Nothing says jewelry gift more than a wedding anniversary. In spite of what you may think it is far from corny to offer your wife a jewelry gift for this occasion. Also …ladies be aware : guys like jewelry too 🙂

So let’s see what kind of jewelry is proper to be offered for this occasion :

What to get her ?

  1. Pendants and chains. They are extremely affordable and also extremely easy to match with any outfit. Depending on a budget you cans choose gold or sterling silver and also the size of the stone.
  2. Earrings. If she is a fan of changing earrings you can get her a pair of spectacular ones that she will be fond of to wear. Keep her style in mind.
  3. Rings. Of course rings are perfect for any occasion . However make sure the ring you get her is different from her engagement ring if she has one. Solitaires are easily mistaken for engagement rings this is why multiple stone rings are a better for this occasion.

Keep in mind that is expected of you to offer the gift in a celebrating manner and accompany it with some lovely words or a grand gesture.

Wedding anniversaries are truly special and we at Diamond Essence love to see them celebrated with a spectacular jewelry gift.