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There are so many people out there ready to experience the best of living green. It is quite refreshing to see people looking for a cleaner, closer to nature way of life.

Veganism as a nutrition and lifestyle concept is part of what so many people approach these day and when it comes to jewelry we must say we kind of adopted the concept.


Earth friendly jewelry has many definitions, but for Diamond Essence the concept translates into fair trade precious metals and simulated gems.

We also adopted the concept of quality craftsmanship , proactive relationship with our clients and a new way of promoting the green way to shine in the jewelry world.

Veganism , living green and related concepts are all part of treating the world around us better, living a cleaner and closer to nature life.

Simulated diamonds are part of what we consider green. Artificial gems are lab created, are part of fair trade industry and are carbon based exactly like mining diamonds. The difference is that artificial gems are obtained through interfering with the environment and are not part of the economical labyrinth surrounding the business of diamonds’ cartels.

Simulated rocks are more affordable , closer to the public easier to reach.

However , you should keep in mind that simulated rocks are stunning because they are crafted with love and respect for the beauty of the world.



Winter is the time of the year when we step forward with special offers for our existing and future clients.

Diamond Essence Diamonds have a certain something that makes them the ideal gift for this time of the year. Beautifully cut , associated with specially designed metal, these are the kind of jewels any woman would like to find beautiful wrapped under the Christmas tree.

If you think that buying jewelry is a bit expensive due to the current economy, you better think again.

We do our best to offer important discounts to all our products and we offer smart solutions within every budget.

The truth is , nothing is more welcome in a woman’s heart then a new jewelry to flaunt during visiting friends or attending Holyday parties.

Consider a pair of beautiful earrings she would fondly wear especially if you choose a pair that will match anything in her closet.

You can also go for a delicate chain she could wear with a blouse but also on top of a turtle neck top.

You can never go wrong with a bracelet , especially in case you choose one that will have a timeless, classic design , because she will be able to wear it regardless of the year.

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SED120-2In case you follow the fashion trends , you have surely notices how the 90’s air is omnipresent of the catwalk. Strong similarities with the glorious days of pop , rap and hard-rock brought back the taste for opulent jewelry, eye-catching jewelry designs, big stones and spectacular finishes.

Diamond Essence is proud to present the designer collection and with it the new look into what sparkling 90’s style means.

There are several things to consider when choosing this type of jewelry.

Large hoop earring bedazzled with sparkling Diamond Essence diamonds are perfect for a date night.

In case you want to wow at an office meeting wearing a pencil skirt , make sure you also put on a stunning ring with a significantly large rock.

Chandelier earrings were a big hit in the 90’s . Nowadays the designers have paired them with loose fitted knits and leggings so in case you want a casual but chic outfit this is the way to go.

In case you want to explore your business style diva look but you want to show your trendy side make sure you mix a few sparkling bracelets of different texture and structure and pair them with your power suit.


Many young guys are freaked out when meeting her parents. In most cases the dads are the scariest issue and young men tend to worry about their reaction instead of smoothing the way appealing to her mom’s good graces.

Holydays are usually the moment when she tends to invite him to her place. In case the relationship is young and they have not been together long enough for the big question to pop up, it is a good idea to get her mom something nice and fit for a lady.

Jewels are the only item you can never go wrong with when gifts are concerned. It is true that many guys dread the investment but all things put aside in case you choose a pendant from Diamond Essence you have the opportunity to offer your possible future mother in law a gift to be remembered .

Also in case you are a guy with a taste for spectacular buy matching bracelets for your girl and her mother. Her mom will see the considerate gesture as a step to underline the bond she shares with her daughter.

The bottom line is that a jewelry gift can make a lot of difference when wanting to make a memorable first impression.


Hoop earrings have been around for quite a while. In case you are familiar with all things 90’s , you are surely aware of the fact that hoop earrings are associated with confident posture, big hair, high heels and miniskirts.

In spite of a rather “easy” reputation, the hoop earrings have lingered among the jewelry trends and hoops of all sizes have become part of what society’s eyes sees as sexy.


Simple small hoops

Small hoops have a certain classic look and offer the most versatile choice for a lady in a management position. Classic cut stones can embellish the hoop shape to make the finish even more elegant.

Large bedazzled hoops

A stunning one shoulder dress, the kind of dress you would wear with your hair down, is the perfect match for a spectacular pair of bedazzled hoop earrings. The sparkling of the stones will make the round shape even more eye catching and you will see how amazing you will look to everyone.

Designer hoops

The style of every woman is utterly defined by the things she considers to be fitting for her figure, hair color and background. The designer hoop earrings are surely apart of those choices any type of woman can benefit from. They are pieces of jewelry that inspire confidence, correct posture, vision and most importantly they underline the best features a woman wants noticed.



Good question.

What is sexier in a man’s eyes than a naked woman wearing nothing but a string of pearls around her neck or a dazzling diamond pendant hanging between her beautiful breasts?

The movies and the divas playing ravishing creatures ready to enchant a fortunate man have brought forth the myth of the sexy woman for which a dazzling piece of jewelry can be a useful tool in capturing a man’s desire.

However unlikely this may seem the studies have shown that high quality jewelry can change the whole perspective a regular viewer has over the person wearing it.

The mind associates diamonds with wealth, rubies with confidence, sapphires with stunning intelligence, emeralds with spectacular seduction and amethysts with alluring magical attraction.

Apart from these interesting associations, the vision over beauty as it is imagined and worshiped by the human nature sees the woman as a goddess worthy of bedazzling. A woman wearing the right type of jewelry will surely be notice regardless the environment she steps into. The right pendant, the ideal pair of earrings, the exact fit bracelet or a spectacular ring can become the focus point of a silhouette the needs to be put in the spotlight.

At Diamond Essence we keep in mind the unique purpose of making the jewelry the perfect tool for seduction.  Regardless you choose to wear a simple but significant pieces  or a superb set that will surely catch the eye of that significant other, you can be sure you will make the right choice.






Being a young girl in the first college year is all about establishing a position. Apart from the fact that this time of your life may prove to be the best fun you will ever have presenting a sense of style will surely save you a lot of grief.

Most sororities expect their pledges to be highly into fashion and style so regardless you will be one or not you can always make a statement with the right jewelry.

Simulated rocks by Diamond Essence can become the ideal type of accessories you can wear both to the class and to the coolest college party.

The cute pendant

A round cut stone in white, pink or blue can be the ideal choice for an accessory in class. Regardless you attend a lecture or a presentation you can combine this type of jewel with a casual denim shirt or a loose fitted V-neck knit and you can be sure that you will catch the eye of a certain someone without vexing the teacher.

The versatile earrings

In case you are fond of wild hair to emphasize the free spirited you , or you are into interesting buns to underline your taste for study the casual classy earrings are always the best solution. The best idea is to have a pair on stud earrings , a pair of small hoops and a pair of chandelier earrings. Depending on the hairstyle you can choose one of these to look stunning during your college days.


When it comes to fashion, its cyclic tendency to bring back trends is extremely beneficial towards the jewelry owners.

For example , those fond of the opulent side of exotic colored stones and intricate precious metal designs would be glad to find out that if D&G brought back the opulent Dolce vita style, Chanel went for a smoother but equally opulent approach.

All major designer chose for Fall –Winter 2014 a touch of opulence. Spectacular collections containing daring stone sizes , simulated rock combined with golden polish, precious metals mixed with daring shaped of stone cuts captured the eye of the spectacular jewelry fans.

At Diamond Essence we considered this particular trend so we brought within the new arrival section the latest in designer trends .

You can find stunning stones, daring metal shapes, romanticism but also baroque, delicate but also daring, in short a multitude of WRDKR1106-2elegant contrasts waiting to make you shine wherever you go.

Fall is the perfect occasion to reinvent your glamour. Choose a unique jewelry design  and make sure you take advantage of the best combination of colors and metal to obtain the glamorous diva look you can only see on the red carpet.


Regardless de misconception stating that green is some kind of witchy color, spring is usually associated with the green color and its related energy.

Emerald green in particular is known for harvesting from  nature the fascinating things related to fresh stamina, fresh focusing…fresh anything.

Superb details colored in emerald green can pretty much change everything. For example an emerald colored dress can stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party. Even more an Emerald pendant can catch the eye of everybody male or female alike.

What exactly hides behind the green crystalline structure?

Well…it is rather simple. The way an emerald filters light is simply linked to that area of the brain that filters emotion. Green by essence offers a sense of fresh innovative feeling commonly associated with spring. Besides this, delicate structures of precious metal like fine craftsmanship of silver and white gold emphasize the perfect appearance of the green stone creating a direct link to that part of our spirit that is ready to take flight and enjoy the best in life.

How do you know if emeralds are for you?

Are you daring enough to try new things? Do you dream of amazing opportunities and do you have a sense of valor that helps you pull through difficult situations? Then emeralds are for you.


Fall is here and back to school days are here too. College days have come again and being trendy is something on everybody’s mind.

In case you are a college girl with a sense of style here are the best jewelry tips to help you catch the eye in a very good way regardless you are in class or sipping a coffee in a campus coffee shop.

  1. Studs for a sense of classcollageoxford2

The truth is you can never go wrong with stud earrings. Cool looking gems can make a lot of difference but tiny gems sparkling in your ears can offer the best choice for a delicate lady like figure.

  1. Delicate pearls

For a studied, posh collage look pearls are a true asset. Diamond Essence pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet can change completely the whole aspect of a college attire. A string of pearls can make you look even more lady like.

  1. Tennis bracelets

In many occasions a simple jewelry detail is all you need to catch the glimpse of the right guy …or girl. A tennis bracelet is both elegant and casual, both versatile and pretty looking and you can match it to any kind of college outfit you would have in mind.