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If you are one of those girls wearing spring in your heart for whom it happened to have to get married during fall, keep in mind that your angelic self can be adorned with amazing ceremony , lovely white dress and perfect bridal jewelry.

It is a misconception that fall brides must wear colorful bouquets and have fall inspired jewelry , venue and decorations. You can have an all white wedding regardless the season and you can be perfectly in tune with the lovely fall themes.

Consider wearing pearls if you choose a princess dress and diamonds if you choose to wear an A-line tulle gown. Wearing bridal jewelry to get the most of angelic style bridal look has everything to do with the way you see yourself walking on the aisle.

Fall weddings are usually filled with people looking to see leaves and leaf motives but you can break the patterns and add fall flowers. You can find white dahlias, chrysanthemums and late blooming white roses.

All the things you love about having an angelic wedding can be achieved. If on top of all that you choose to shine and look gorgeous this can also be done with a set of sparkling Diamond Essence earrings and a perfect tear shaped pendant with the same type of stone.


Long gone are the days when a simple rock slapped on her finger made her say yes. The 2013 men looking to propose should be aware that the ladies have quite some expectations this year.

So if you plan to surprise her with a lovely ring consider the trends of 2013 to have an idea whjat to look for.

Emerald cut

The Emerald cut diamonds are surely something to look at, the perfect structure is fitted for ladies with long hands, passionate about long manicure. Such a cut will always stand out and she will wear it as a single hand accessory.

Cushion cut

Elegant square shape is extremely trendy this year. A softer bone structure and delicate fingers are the perfect fit for this ring trend.

Double halo

This special stone setting can change the whole image a ring has on somebody’s finger. The stone setting makes the ring look larger and the center stone bigger.

The Bypass style

The combination between a solitaire and a wedding ring is extremely trendy. The architecture of such a ring is both versatile and easy to mold on any woman’s dream. Consider the amazing sets offered by Diamond Essence wedding collection, because we did everything to match them with the actual trends.


Women often forget that guys love pampering too not to mention that a strategically placed piece of jewelry can make a tremendous difference when it comes to a certain guy appearance.

This is why it comes as no surprise that jewelry is among the highest rated gifts a guy can get on his wedding anniversary.

If you are one of those wives who are not afraid their half will shine too much along their side if he wears jewelry here are a few ideas on what to get your significant other on your wedding celebration.

  1. Cufflinks

They are always practical and if your guy is into suits a pair of new dazzling cufflinks is the perfect addition to his sense of style.


  1. Rings

Regardless of what you may think giving him a ring is not inappropriate. If you don’t do do it who is fit to do it? Remember that an elegant ring is not only the marker of style but also a personal distinctive note a man likes to wear.


  1. Bracelets

Bracelets , especially the golden ones are part on the masculine jewelry showing a man is confident of himself. Many guys wear it simply because it makes them feel young but most are enjoying the privilege of a bracelet in the idea that it helps them look very close to the image of the metro-cosmopolitan- self sufficient macho.



We should say “ Welcome” to the Countdown to Mother’s Day 2013. Because we are very fond of the idea that all mothers should feel special in this day we will offer you guys some 5 interesting things to help you get them the perfect gift:

  1. Something to fit her age

In this day mothers are simply mothers first and women later. Offer her something she would be able to wear or use regardless the season, or the style she wears. A gold chain in this case in perfect for any age.

  1. Something to help her stand out when meeting her friends

Regardless of what you may think your mom likes to socialize with people she enjoys spending time with. Getting her a beautiful ring with a statement Diamond Essense stone will surely help her catch the eyes of her friends.

  1. Something she will treasure forever

Make sure you know her taste in jewelry because when looking for something of the sort you will surely be tempted to get something expensive and maybe your mom is a fan of simple things like a delicate pendant.

  1. Something to fit her character

She is your mom but she is also a unique creature, with likes and dislikes and if she is into a special jewelry color she will most likely enjoy receiving something in that color.

  1. Something that will remind her of you

If you will get her something to help her enjoy life and feeling beautiful she will always look fondly upon the jewel because you will be on her mind even more because of it.


In many occasions we imagine that the right pendant on the right chain can make all the difference in case of a random dress. This is both true and false.

Why is it true?

A casual dress can be perfectly worn at an afternoon event or an official lunch is properly accessorized. Also a plain office shirt can become a sophisticated outfit with the help of a string of pearls or if combined with a spectacular ruby pendant on lovely gold chain.

The right type of chain can make the pendant position more obvious and by it catch the eye of the viewer in case you plan to be seductive in a long dress with a generous cleavage.

Why is it false?

In so many cases the right outfit can make all the difference regardless you are on a date, at a graduation party or meeting your future in-laws for the very first time.

In all the above examples, chain and a pendant should be very carefully chosen.

For example, in case of a date you would very much want to look both confident and sexy so make sure you offer your cleavage the exact type of attention you want to receive. A large pendant will catch the eye, while a small diamond will indicate you are looking for more than just a one night stand.



Trends change ever so often and with them the taste of people for luxury also changes. Regardless of the large numbers of lines and shapes ruling over the jewelry market, precious metals remain the most seductive choice for the jewelry passionate.

But…which of the precious metals are trendier nowadays?

Vampire movies, witchcraft  franchises and sci fi stories brought to the public underwold creatures and other spectacular heroes  wearing black and silver. Teens are surely conquered by their looks and consider silver the trendiest precious metal. Silver became even more popular because the latest fashion podiums brought forth for the Fall –Winter 2012-2013 intricate designs and darker shades , silver embroidering and rich structured fabric this precious metal looks so well on.

On the other hand, gold remains the traditional note that never goes out of fashion. Versatile and spectacular but also delicate and easy to match, the gold remains the signature metal of the jewelry world this upcoming season. White or yellow, incasing fabulous rocks and able to make any outfit stand out the gold is surely the star player in the fashion world.

If you wonder which metal will look better on the one you love, consider for these Holydays the offers from Diamond Essence.

Many people consider that the value of a piece of jewelry is strictly defined by the amount of gold , silver and gemstones that jewelry combines. Rarely there are people out there who evaluate the craftsmanship first and precious materials later.

It is not surprising considering that precious metals and precious gemstones are a value by themselves and history thought us that no matter in which form, having them is strictly related to prestige and wealth.

When evaluating a piece of jewelry consider that apart from the actual value the more underlining notes remain the lines from which this jewelry came to exist , how delicate this lines are , how they complement the quality of the materials used and how much do they add to the actual price.

This explains why a simulated diamond ring will have a considerable price under the circumstances a simulated stone will not be the equal of a mining one.

The bottom line remains this: a beautiful piece of jewelry can never be evaluated strictly by what is made of. The quality prevails both in materials and in craftsmanship and as surprising as it may seem, the beauty of the precious gemstones is nothing without the perfect cut coming from the hand of the jeweler.

There are several occasions in life when showing you love your significant other requires a grand gesture impressive enough to create an unforgettable memory. This being said just think about what renewing your marriage vows would mean to you.

Usually as the years pass the beauty of your wedding bands tends to fade no matter how much care you took of them. The precious metals get stained especially if you stood by your vows and never took them off.  So…if you plan to have a vow renewal ceremony you should also offer yourself and your loved one a pair of new and beautiful eternity bands.

Such ceremonies are usually held in an informal manner and the people attending them are usually the ones you hold dear. Exchanging a pair of lovely rings as a sign of the important moment you are remembering can make the moment even lovelier and Diamond Essence eternity bands can make all the difference in such occasions.

Take a look at the offer and make sure you choose the right ring size when placing the order. Take advantage of the new price offer and enjoy sharing your love.

Brides are generally generous when it comes to choosing bridesmaids gifts . If the bridesmaids are her BFF’s it comes as no surprise that she would want to give them something to help them remember the happy event they stood by her side.

Every bride knows that it is a good idea to go for jewelry gift especially if the bridesmaids are not in a large number and you know their taste.

This being said, what kind of jewelry is proper for such an occasion? The secret is to offer something meaningful enough to conquer them but also something reasonably priced so you would look good without shedding a lot of cash.

Gold and silver jewelry are always welcome and beautiful little stones can make all the difference especially if they fit as color the bridesmaid dress you , the bride, chose for them.

If you find it hard to make up your mind make sure you check out the cute tennis bracelets offered by Diamond Essence. Lovely little gems incased in delicate structures of metal are perfect for underlining the feminine nature of your bridesmaids.

Be smart about this matter and also if you would prefer a pair of stud earrings for the same purpose you can be sure it is a good idea.

All mothers get to a point when their daughters find proper to raid their jewelry box in the search for something dazzling to meet they outfits. The truth is that in the end all will be theirs but regardless of the fact the jewels must be something you are fond off and you would not like to see them destroyed by young unknowing hands.

The truth is that gold and silver never goes out of style and amazing jewels are very tempting but how to teach you daughter to treasure the content of your jewelry box?

Explain to her that the beauty of jewelry is given by the message it sends and also by the amazing reaction it creates when combined with right outfit. Also you must underline the boundaries which will make it easier for you to manage : I want  – You can’t have situations.

In the same time , keep in mind that a beautiful piece of jewelry can be match by another which you can get for your young lady so she won’t be jealous of her mother jewelry box.

Take a look at the Diamond Essence sterling silver collection. Small and delicate pieces with sparkling simulated gemstones can be the perfect addition to your young lady jewelry box.