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Many men dream about seeing the woman of their dreams wearing amazing looking lingerie and also delicate jewelry that she would keep on after the sexy outfit is removed during the hot act of making love.


What most women don’t know is that the right jewel worn with the right lingerie can do wonders for the reaction of a man in love.


Many of us saw on the movie screen or in the soft core red labeled movies, the combination of sexy lingerie and pearls combination which is not always fortunate.


If you want to look like an ingénue ready to be seduced you may of course choose a white lace bodice and a string of white or grey pearls.


If however you man desires a wild night adventure and black string and bra are the items creating your sexy look, a red pendant and a pair of red stud earrings are the right pieces to accompany this outfit.


On the other hand , if you plan to be a seductive temptress wearing nothing under a trench coat make sure you choose a Diamond Essence pear cut pendant to hang on a gold chain along your promising cleavage.


Remember that the clothes always come off during love making but nothing excites a man more then the look of the naked skin caressed by precious gems.


Many times over the many years we are designing jewelry, we noticed a periodical come back of the flower design.

An extremely traditional one, extremely girly and utterly sweet the flower design pretty much lingered through all the trends that swept over the jewelry fashion.


The delicate design imitating nature remained successful and desirable through all the major currents and what is even more surprising, the notes accompanying it seemed to fit all age groups and even more all tastes.


Women remained the same romantics over the centuries and their taste for delicate looking jewelry encouraged jewelry makers to imitate the nature of flowers in the most spectacular combinations of precious metal and gemstones.


What is even more interesting is that the flower design is the most versatile one and that no matter what occasion would one want to celebrate with offering a flower a flower shaped jewelry would make a bigger impression.


It is true that nature has inspired the jewelry ever since the concept came to life. No surprise there since a beautiful flower can make an impression when placed in the hair of a beautiful girl.

A flower pendant can do that and even more. Diamond Essence took gemstones and precious metal and turned them in amazingly looking jewelry able to sparkle with the beauty of flowers but immortal by structure and style.

Not so long ago it was.


The fashion trends brought into the attention of the large public the type of jewelry that could be afforded by practically everyone and the world was pretty much convinced that if plastic and glass but also wood and regular metal can become the latest trend in jewelry.


The catwalks encouraged fashionable people to take a look into a new kind of jewelry- the one looking good for a better price and that is why jewelry became a way of expression.


Trends come and go but over the centuries gold and silver remained the top materials for high class jewelry.


In a world where diamonds are incased both in platinum and in stainless steel, Diamond Essence considers that beautiful jewelry can be accessible through using simulated stones.


Every bride should have a wedding ring and every teenager should have a beautiful bracelet. Wearing simulated diamonds is not making a compromise, for the craft of making them shine in intricate metal is equal to the one used for the oldest kind of gold jewelry.


Yes…we believe in tradition, but we also believe in fashion. The Diamond Essence stones are able to fit both. They can be impressive traditional jewelry but also cute fashionable things able to fit the latest trend.


The jewelry is no longer just a reason to show off the cash you have. It is an art available to those in love with it.

Life taught most of us a lesson when we were very tired or very lost among the many details we have to deal with during a day.

It is called a lesson of endurance and the way we react to it is directly responsible for the way we see our life. The jewelry business is of course focused on sales and this is why considering an industry wouldn’t be exactly wrong.

However, when taking the business notion away we are left with the craft. The powerful omnipotent craft that is able to teach precious metal and gemstones the same lesson life teaches us: Growing better with the challenge.

The Diamond Essence became what it is today exactly because we considered bettering the quality and only then the business. Focusing on the right details developing a way to make the best of the precious metal structure and cutting the gemstones using imaginative design and perfect details got us in the place we are now.

When creating a jewel we do not consider the initial output of its sale but rather the way the person buying will consider doing so because of how beautiful it is. We cannot say that this is the secret of our success, however if this reason doesn’t cover 100% of the reason it is surely a big part of it.

The people see the word “bestseller” so many times that when it actually represents the item you would want to buy this word is considered just dust in the wind.

People focus on the details and they simply forget that an item needs to be more than cash generating to become a bestseller.

At Diamond Essence the bestseller is the item that in spite of its price , no matter if high or low, is speaking through the “words” the person buying considers right.

The bestseller in the jewelry world are nothing but pure rains of perfection and delicate manifestations of the craft under the circumstances that such a piece is mainly focused on bringing out the best in human nature.

In jewelry, a bestseller is something fitting anybody, something truly versatile, easy to match with clothing, delicate by nature , sturdy by the feelings it creates.

The Diamond Essence bestsellers are the ones on the first page of our site. They are changing, of course according to what our clients prefer but if you stick around for a while, you will see that there are also a few items that remain constant.

You will ask why is that and we surely can answer the question. It is not their price , nor is the way they are crafted.

It is simply the message they send. That is what makes them bestsellers.

When people consider beauty they not necessarily stop to analyze the variables of the equation.

What makes a piece of jewelry more beautiful than the other? One would say the taste of the person liking it. If this is the case and the beautiful variables are actually responsible for the impression a person makes on another person, the jewels will have the tender touch of creating the image of somebody.

How many people became noticed in the light of the cameras at select parties simply because of a spectacular jewel they were wearing? How many amazing ladies became famous after being seen with a certain ring on their finger or with a certain sapphire on their seductive cleavage.

The beauty of a jewel is not given by its value but by its fascinating design, delicate glim and sensational impression it creates in the hearts of all those looking at it.

Diamond Essence considers all jewel cosmopolite. Their nobility comes out of the craft which is able to create spectacular stories out of precious metal and shinny gemstones.

In our vision the rubies talk of passionate fires consuming hearts and minds, sapphires are carrying in the world the brilliance and the fascination of creative daring spirits, emeralds are sparks of soul, clarity of thought, pure drops of Earth’s energy while the purple fire of the amethyst is meant to encourage hearts to dream of magical flows and power of logic.

If the jewelry would be the maker of kings we would surely makers of royal like figures.

The jewels are for sure one of the easiest way to make a woman smile. No matter the age, the race or the style a woman will forever be enchanted looking at a beautiful piece of jewelry she receives from somebody dear.

The jewels are created so they would make the most of the first impression they make. This being a fact the wonderful opportunity of wearing them will make the most of a woman’s reaction. Offering a piece of jewelry as a birthday gift has certain rules which can be easily followed. Since not everybody is a fan of pearls and diamonds, the person buying the jewel must follow the taste of the one who will receive it.

If the lady is a mom than a classical pendant , a lovely bracelet or an elegant ring are the right pieces to make her smile. If the birthday girl is a young socialite than fashion jewelry piece is the thing for her. If the woman is the woman of your dreams treat the jewelry as you would treat her.

Pick a stone to mirror her eyes, a design to compliment her figure and a craft that would make her smile thinking of you when she looks at the jewelry she wears.

The mystery behind a jewel design in not something anyone can decipher. The design is mainly created keeping in mind who is going to wear the piece and that is why some pieces no matter how amazing or spectacular are hard to match with some people no matter how much those people like them.

Of course that everybody can wear a piece of jewelry, and of course that piece of jewelry can be elegant and exquisite enough to compliment any possible figure or style.

But many people are unaware of how much can a jewel impress if worn by a certain person.


For example an outstanding pendant can look perfect at the neck of a tall person while a small pendant can look amazing worn by a mignon one.

The colored stones compliment any type of hair but when they are part of earrings the color of the eyes must be taken under consideration.

A large ring is fitted on a hand with long elegant fingers, and if you feel the need to paint your nails you should know that the color must match the one of the ring or it must be neutral, otherwise the ring will be eclipsed.


The main point is that when picking a jewelry, one should keep in mind how and where is going to wear it so it will make the most of its unique beauty.