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Many young guys are freaked out when meeting her parents. In most cases the dads are the scariest issue and young men tend to worry about their reaction instead of smoothing the way appealing to her mom’s good graces.

Holydays are usually the moment when she tends to invite him to her place. In case the relationship is young and they have not been together long enough for the big question to pop up, it is a good idea to get her mom something nice and fit for a lady.

Jewels are the only item you can never go wrong with when gifts are concerned. It is true that many guys dread the investment but all things put aside in case you choose a pendant from Diamond Essence you have the opportunity to offer your possible future mother in law a gift to be remembered .

Also in case you are a guy with a taste for spectacular buy matching bracelets for your girl and her mother. Her mom will see the considerate gesture as a step to underline the bond she shares with her daughter.

The bottom line is that a jewelry gift can make a lot of difference when wanting to make a memorable first impression.



Hoop earrings have been around for quite a while. In case you are familiar with all things 90’s , you are surely aware of the fact that hoop earrings are associated with confident posture, big hair, high heels and miniskirts.

In spite of a rather “easy” reputation, the hoop earrings have lingered among the jewelry trends and hoops of all sizes have become part of what society’s eyes sees as sexy.


Simple small hoops

Small hoops have a certain classic look and offer the most versatile choice for a lady in a management position. Classic cut stones can embellish the hoop shape to make the finish even more elegant.

Large bedazzled hoops

A stunning one shoulder dress, the kind of dress you would wear with your hair down, is the perfect match for a spectacular pair of bedazzled hoop earrings. The sparkling of the stones will make the round shape even more eye catching and you will see how amazing you will look to everyone.

Designer hoops

The style of every woman is utterly defined by the things she considers to be fitting for her figure, hair color and background. The designer hoop earrings are surely apart of those choices any type of woman can benefit from. They are pieces of jewelry that inspire confidence, correct posture, vision and most importantly they underline the best features a woman wants noticed.


So many girls remember the image of their mothers wearing a string of pearls while getting ready to attend a party. Then the fashion idol was Audrey Hepburn and her perfect elegance with a beehive bun hairstyle, a string of pearls and a black dress was so iconic all women were tempted to follow her example.

The ladies of today have other fashion icons they admire, however, the classic glim of pearls remained over the years exactly as seductive as before.

The truth is that nothing suits better a little black dress than a string of white pearls. Elegant sophisticated and why not extremely sexy, the delicate line of such a jewel can make a certain outfit look perfect without any other addition.

Since black never goes out of style and every woman has in her closet a black dress that can make her look elegant regardless the occasion , Diamond Essence chose to create that classic jewelry item that any black dress would love to be combined with – the classic string of pearls.

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